With Your Help, This Family Remained…A Family

Education at the Asian Aid-supported Zenith School in Nepal opened doors to opportunities Dipraj and his siblings dared not dream of. It also opened a door for them to stay together.

Meena Sponsorship

My Circle Of Life Story: From Hardship To Healing

Meena is a young, determined and inspiring Nepali woman who has overcome many obstacles in her life. Meena is now giving back to others by serving in a children’s hostel as a dean.

How Your Support Is Helping A Mother Live Her Dream

Each day, Banu Taj, a mother of three, sits in a vocational and English training class, surrounded by young learners almost half her age. Away from the many distractions of the neighbourhood, Banu enjoys the opportunity to receive the education she never had.

Seamless Gatherings

Asian Aid’s Tailoring Program, led by our partner Oasis India, is an initiative designed to empower women in disadvantaged communities. Recently, five women in the program designed and created bags especially for Asian Aid.

A snapshot of 50 years

This year, as Asian Aid celebrates 50 years of giving and growing hope, it does so with humility and gratefulness for God’s divine guidance. Here we share a snapshot of some of the many things Asian Aid has experienced since 1966.

The Ripple Effect

It was almost too good to be true. News fast circulated in the mountainous Nepali village about the women who had suffered for decades, now being free from pain, and able to once again lead normal lives again.