How Your Support Is Helping A Mother Live Her Dream

Each day, Banu Taj, a mother of three, sits in a vocational and English training class, surrounded by young learners almost half her age. Away from the many distractions of the neighbourhood, Banu enjoys the opportunity to receive the education she never had.

Seamless Gatherings

Asian Aid’s Tailoring Program, led by our partner Oasis India, is an initiative designed to empower women in disadvantaged communities. Recently, five women in the program designed and created bags especially for Asian Aid.

A snapshot of 50 years

This year, as Asian Aid celebrates 50 years of giving and growing hope, it does so with humility and gratefulness for God’s divine guidance. Here we share a snapshot of some of the many things Asian Aid has experienced since 1966.

A Tribute To June Long

Asian Aid pays tribute June Long, a long time supporter who gave countless hours of her time in the service of others; at home and overseas. June’s peaceful passing on September 11, leaves a large gap in the hearts of many people.

Prioritise Fun, And Learning Will Follow

A week-long Summer Camp in India saw 21 children engage their hands and minds in practical, creative and socially energising activities, as part of a new Child Focused Initiative. The program provided a new and unique way to spend the summer break.

Education That Comes In All Shapes and Sizes

Staff at Oasis India recently conducted a street theatre that focused on the importance of education. Children and families were encouraged to send children to school and put a stop to child labour.