Asian Aid’s new Child Focused Development (CFD) approach to sponsorship, or Sponsorship Plus, will go further in helping ensure children, their families, their schools and their communities grow strong for life together.


Child Focused Development – In Their Words

Here is what our Sponsorship Plus children and partners have to say about Sponsorship Plus:


“In my community, people fight with each other. There is murder, robbery and suicide. Many children don’t go to school. I’d like to help people see that we will have a better future only if they can change. If people change then children will study, our roads will be good and clean. People won’t smoke, drink or fight, and we can be safe.”


“In my community, a lot of children don’t want to go to school. Others teach them how to lie to their parents and how to take money from home. I want everyone to study. I can help those younger than me with their studies, if they need help. Some people will listen to us, so we can tell them what we have learnt.” 


“The Sponsorship Plus program will help children learn to make decisions. They will take responsibility for and stand up to address problems around them, and will learn leadership qualities that will impact their families and communities. They can motivate others to stay in school and be instrumental in identifying and addressing child labour, and other problems of abuse.”



“Whatever the disease, we should try to treat it from the root. Similarly, to sort out problems in communities, we work must with the children. They are the future of the community.”



1. What is the Sponsorship Plus (CFD) program?
This is a sponsorship program that connects a supporter to a sponsor child with the sponsorship money being pooled to fund projects, activities and initiatives in the child’s school or community.

2. Why is Asian Aid embracing the Sponsorship Plus program?
This program supports families, schools and communities to become sustainable so they can better support their children. This way, your sponsorship support will go even further to help children – and their support networks – grow strong for life.

3. How will sponsorship funds be used to benefit the community or school?
Here are a few examples of how the Sponsorship Plus program will help children, communities and school: Parents will attend health, financial and livelihood training programs so they can provide for their children’s basic needs and education. Young adults will learn about their rights, and join forums to develop life skills and implement community awareness activities. Children will participate in children clubs and gain leadership and communication skills and knowledge about important social issues. And school teachers will learn to use creative child-friendly teaching methods to improve the quality of education.

4. How do sponsor children participate in community projects?
Children participate in programs by: being involved in decision making, and helping to plan and run appropriate activities. Children receive training and support throughout the duration of activities, initiatives and projects in their school or community.

5. How do the families, schools and communities benefit from the Sponsorship Plus program?
Families, schools and communities help identify – with the involvement of sponsor children – their most pressing needs. The sponsorship funding then helps our partners design and implement programs that address such needs in a sustainable way.

6. How will Sponsorship Plus be more effective in addressing the root causes of poverty for children, their communities and their schools?
Sponsorship Plus promotes community participation at all levels of the program, and works with children and community members to identify – and solve – issues that limit their abilities to lead, thrive and live as God intended. This allows communities to gain skills, knowledge and abilities to problem-solve together. By doing so, communities lift themselves out of poverty – even after Asian Aid’s direct support ends. The Sponsorship Plus program will enable Asian Aid to support communities to address the underlying issues communities themselves have identified, such as: limited household income, restricting cultural norms, and poor quality of education.

7. Will sponsor children in the Sponsorship Plus program be supported to gain an education?
Our Sponsorship Plus program focuses on the child’s school community and the child’s geographical community. The program supports holistic developmental activities that aim to strengthen the capacity of parents, teachers and community leaders to support the developmental needs of children. All Sponsorship Plus activities encourage and advocate for children to attend school on a regular basis. In some contexts, children may not attend formal education. In these situations children will be engaged in informal educational opportunities.

8. How do sponsor children benefit from their involvement in this program?
Sponsor children become central to the development work. Children learn to be responsible, to identify school or community needs, to make decisions and to feel like an essential part of the community. And once some of the pressing needs in families, schools and communities start to be addressed, children will benefit from stronger communities that can better support them.

9. What evidence is there to suggest that programs like the Sponsorship Plus really help improve whole communities?
Research in the development industry has shown that community-based developmental approaches to helping those living in poverty are much fairer and just. Evidence also shows that working with communities to build on their knowledge and assets – while engaging with the broader economic and social issues that perpetuate poverty – is improving whole communities and creating long lasting change. While other sponsorship models provide much needed support to an individual at a given point in time, the long-term impact cannot be sustained by the individual or community without continued direct support.

10. What will the Sponsorship Plus rate be?
The Sponsorship Plus rate will be $49/month for each child. A Sponsorship Plus ‘bonus’ option of $55 a month will also be available, and will allow Asian Aid to run additional child focused activities in disadvantaged schools or communities.

11. I currently sponsor a child – or more – with Asian Aid. Do I need to do anything differently as the Sponsorship Plus program launches?
When the Sponsorship Plus program launches, you will not need to do anything differently. You can continue supporting your child and connecting with them through letters. And you will continue to receive reports, letters and cards from your child. However, if you would like to sponsor another child, or if your current child graduates or finishes school, we might give you the option of sponsoring a new child through the Sponsorship Plus program.

12. Will the Sponsorship Plus program cost more to implement overseas?
Funding received from the Sponsorship Plus program will go even further to help children, their communities and their schools grow strong for life together. The main goal of the program is to assist children, communities and schools to become sustainable and lift themselves out of poverty. The cost of implementing the program overseas will depend on the specific needs identified in each community or school. The rate for the Sponsorship Plus program will ensure our partners have the funding they need to implement projects and activities to achieve the program’s main goal.

13. When can I sponsor a child under the new Sponsorship Plus program?
Children from the new sponsorship program can be sponsored from early 2017. You can indicate your desire to sponsor a child under this program now though, by emailing us at hello@asianaid.org.au, or calling us on (+61) 02 6586 4250.



A Message from Quentin Campbell, Asian Aid Programs Director

Children growing strong for life

The central focus of Asian Aid’s work is – and has always been – supporting disadvantaged children and young people.

Asian Aid is committed to supporting disadvantaged children and young people. This Child Focused Development program, or Sponsorship Plus, will catalyse the sustainable growth and development of schools and communities for a better tomorrow.

Please join us in this new journey.  Your sponsorship support will go even further to help a child – and their families, schools and communities – grow strong for life.

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Thank you for your ongoing generosity.