Asian Aid commits to conducting all its activities with honesty and truthfulness, and guarantees:

  • The open and transparent disclosure of all relevant information concerning the agency?s finances, programs, and governance.
  • Effectiveness in the use of the resources provided to us.
  • The protection of the privacy and confidentiality of our donors and sponsors at all times. We will not lend, sell or make available our mailing lists?to other organisations.
  • Ongoing improvement and striving towards excellence in all we do.
  • Abidance by the Australian Council For International Development (ACFID) Code of Conduct. This is a voluntary, self regulatory industry code. The Code represents the active commitment of overseas aid agencies or non-government development organisations (NGDOs) to conduct their activities with integrity and accountability.
  • The use of donated funds only for the purposes for which they are given. Donors can be assured that 100% of project donations are sent directly to our implementing partners for their intended purpose. This is made possible due to donations that supporters provide directly to our administration fund. However, due to the large size and amount of processing of information involved in our sponsorship program, 1-10% of sponsorship donations may be required to help manage the program. A small amount of sponsorship money may be held in a two-year emergency buffer fund.