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For a child in our communities and schools in India, Bangladesh and Nepal, their day includes a variety of activities, ranging from doing homework to aiding in earning family income.

We ask that you join us in blessing their day, so that they can have the time and capacity to make the changes and improvements needed to have meaningful and impactful days – and lives.

So that together, we can bring hope.


Learn about how this plays an important role in helping children remove barriers that affect their future.

Donate now to help end the plight of boys who live in our Indian slums.

Help us empower young girls to become the best version of themselves.

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Recent News

Chennai: A city without water

Last Friday rain fell in Chennai, it was the first rain in 202 days. While Monsoon Season may provide some small respite; it is a city of 10 million people and it’s running out of water.

Ending Menstrual Isolation in Nepal

Through our new #BanishedforBleeding initiative and with your support we aim to help end menstruation isolation huts in remote Nepal.

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“I enjoy knowing that such a small amount of money each month ($10) can make such a huge difference for these children”. Karen McCall – Sponsor of two children

Create your own story!

We at Asian Aid believe hope finds its truest expression when it is given and received in community. That’s why we need you to help us empower disadvantaged children, their families and communities.

There are many ways you can help – sponsor a child, donate, fundraise or help us become an advocate. Find out more or contact us to share your ideas.